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What We Do

We provide essential services in public health as it enables policymakers to make informed decisions, develop effective interventions, and allocate resources efficiently to address health inequities.

Our Capabilities

Our Services

Policy Analysis

Assessment of current organizational efforts and the extent to which they leverage current policy opportunities at the state and federal level.

In-depth evaluation of the impact of forthcoming and potential public policy changes on an organization’s efforts.

Development of roadmap outlining current and future steps in alignment with public policy opportunities.

Production of materials, data use case for private and public partners.

Advocacy Development

Determination of policy changes that would enhance and accelerate current efforts to achieve health equity, and better position an organization’s population health or equity efforts.

In partnership with organizational stakeholders, development of original policy ideas and proposals that support the organization’s efforts.

Creation of tailored messaging for policymaker audiences and aligned organizations.

Production of advocacy training, materials and toolkits for members, partners, or allies.

Political Strategy

Assessment of current partnerships to identify opportunities to diversify and expand relationships to work with on future efforts.

Identification of new formal and informal public sector partners to increase impact at the local, regional, and national levels.

Connections between existing and new partners to work on large scale public health, population health, and health equity projects, providing project management support.

Our Skills

Political Navigation

  • Thought leadership in the areas of health disparities, social determinants of health, payment reform, and access to safe medicines.
  • Political navigation with federal policymakers.
  • Education for organizations’ members, staff, stakeholders on the federal policy progress and opportunities for engagement.

Program Design and Evaluation

  • Strategic planning
  • Increasing organizational visibility and awareness in target audiences.
  • Crisis management / program stabilization

Project Management

  • Convenings
  • Grant management
  • Content Production
    – Internal messaging and talking points for organizational leaders
    – External letters, reports, and white papers

We specialize in:

Chronic disease prevention and policy
Medicaid and medicare policy
Reproductive and maternal health
Health disparities

The ways we’ve added value:

  • Supported Advocates for Community Health’s highly successful CHC Invest Campaign, which included the CEO testifying at the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pension Committee hearing, “Community Health Centers: Saving Lives, Saving Money,” on behalf of the 30 million Americans who depend on community health centers for their primary and comprehensive care.
  • Expanded the reach and influence of Doctors for America’s Food and Drug Administration Task Force by securing congressional testimony opportunities, managing inside the beltway media outreach, and supporting policy analysis and development.
  • Collaborated with maternal and infant health experts to develop a strategic plan to address maternal and infant health disparities within New Jersey for Nurture NJ. Continuum also supported project management, policy development, and stakeholder partnerships.
  • Partnered with and managed an American Diabetes Association community-based pilot focused on increased access to continuous glucose monitors within Columbus, Ohio. Continuum liaised between ADA and their Columbus-based community partner; over 150 participants were enrolled, and 76% of participants received CGMs and wrap-around services to help manage their diabetes more effectively.

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